Stand Tall. Be a Force.


Typha Marketing is a creative agency represented by a force within one of the most complex biomes, the wetland. Typha's ability to standout, infiltrate, and succeed in a busy landscape, is impressive. It's multiple, diverse uses across industries are even more striking.

Typha Marketing assists your business or organization to transcend to new levels through creative and strategic marketing techniques.


Our Services

Typha Marketing provides business marketing services such as public relations, graphic design, branding, website design and management, copywriting, video editing, photography, event management, email marketing, and more.

Tailored Packaging

We'll work with almost every budget and on any timeline. Our goal is to suite your needs, not the other way around. 


One of our favorite things is adapting to the needs of our clients and providing exactly what they need. For some companies, it's just a quick project here and there. For others, we fulfill a marketing position at their company in a more cost-effective way than hiring for a full-time position.


From the start, they have been receptive to our ideas and informative about the design and implementation process.  

— Carol Plante, Hardwick Area Community Justice Center